shelfPoint is the industry’s first dynamic shelf solution with built-in emotional artificial intelligence capabilities. It uses current shopper behavior to unlock the power of the place where consumers come face to face with products and make purchase decisions.

Features include:

  • Dynamic and high-definition LCD strips across the entire shelf offer visual marketing campaigns to attract, engage and convert shoppers based on their level of engagement and distance.
  • Equipped with optical sensors, shelfPoint gathers anonymous key shopper demographic data including age, gender and major ethnic group.
  • Emotional artificial intelligence technology classifies shopper’s facial expressions and overall sentiment without storing personal information or images.
  • Using its own cloud-based insights platform, shelfPoint analyzes in-store data collected and delivers a detailed overview of key findings tailored to the needs of the retailer and/or brand.
  • shelfPoint uses its own media player and a cellular connection, so it seamlessly operates outside a retailer’s existing IT infrastructure

Customer privacy is paramount to Cloverleaf. The records we capture include only metadata, which is simply a string of letters and numbers. We never collect personally identifiable information, and we take no photographs.