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Despite the chatter about online shopping, the facts show that retail is massive and here to stay. Forrester predicts that in 2017, 88% of sales will be transacted in a physical store*. But brick and mortar retailers lack visibility on what happens between the time a consumer walks into the store and when they pay for an item. Couple this with shoppers distracted by their devices and trained to look only at what is digital – and sales uplift of any type is a real challenge.

shelfPoint gives retailers insight on what’s happening at the shelf edge – using current shopper behavior patterns. Better yet, It’s been proven to deliver sales uplift of over 30% in major categories.

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*Brief: Digital Touchpoints Investments Significantly Influence US Retail Sales”, Forrester Research, Inc., January 26, 2016



“Cloverleaf is one of the best companies we have dealt with from a cost-order and work scheduling perspective with minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.”

— Jack Rich, Director / Project Management, Amtrak