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Despite the chatter about online shopping, the facts show that retail is massive and here to stay. Forrester predicts that in 2017, 88% of sales will be transacted in a physical store*. But brick and mortar retailers lack visibility on what happens between the time a consumer walks into the store and when they pay for an item. Couple this with shoppers distracted by their devices and trained to look only at what is digital – and sales uplift of any type is a real challenge.

shelfPoint gives retailers insight on what’s happening at the shelf edge – using current shopper behavior patterns. Better yet, It’s been proven to deliver sales uplift of over 30% in major categories.

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*Brief: Digital Touchpoints Investments Significantly Influence US Retail Sales”, Forrester Research, Inc., January 26, 2016



“This solution has the potential to change the instore buying experience and aligns very well with our focus on transformative capabilities.”

— Pete Hyman / Vice President, Consumer/Retail/Travel, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise