Who We Are

Our mission is simple:  To arm brick and mortar with the intelligence to thrive.

We are innovators, creators and problem solvers. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.


What We Do

The fact is, traditional brick and mortar is a challenging sales environment. Even small sales increases in established categories are difficult to come by. Technology in the form of personal devices can be distracting, yet shoppers have come to expect a digital experience to command their attention. And above all, the quest to gauge and understand consumer preferences takes on even greater urgency as online shopping becomes more popular.

Cloverleaf addresses all these challenges. We do it using the place in the store that everyone visits: the shelf. This is where customers come face to face with products and where purchase decisions are made.


Why Cloverleaf?

With shelfPoint, we give brands and retailers a new way to attract, engage and convert shoppers as they walk past products in store. Audited pilot results with a major US food retailer showed double digit sales uplift in a mainstream product category.

And it doesn’t stop there. We harness shopper behavior data at the shelf edge, and turn it into actionable insights, enabling marketers to make smarter decisions and optimize campaigns.


“The deployment of the video walls were clean, efficient and completed within an expedited time frame.”

— Aaron Waller / Vice President, Administration & Operations, Washington Redskins