Bob Jedele, Franchisee

“The digital solutions utilize a comprehensive content management service which allows management supervision as well as restaurant staff to make changes to the digital menu boards in real time.”


Brian Keys, Vice President of Technology

“Cloverleaf’s software platform is extremely reliable and accessible and allows for the stadium staff to make changes and control the various screens in real time.”
Cincinnati Reds


Aaron Waller, Vice President, Administration & Operations

“The deployment of the video walls were clean, efficient and completed within an expedited time frame.”
Washington Redskins


Jack Rich, Director, Project Management

“Cloverleaf is one of the best companies we have dealt with from a cost-order and work scheduling perspective with minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.”


Pete Hyman, Vice President, Consumer/Retail/Travel

“We are working with cloverleaf on a very exciting new technology solution in the retail industry. This solution has the potential to change the instore buying experience and aligns very well with our focus on transformative capabilities.”
Hewlett Packard Enterprise